I published children’s games for iOS, Android, Tizen and Microsoft totalling over hundred thousand downloads across the devices. Some are still available at Tizen store for free.

Dinosaurs, Robots, Pirates and Animals

Lost Animals Guide Lost Robots Guide Pirate Stickers Adventure Lost Dinosaurs Guide
Promotional images of Lost Dinosaurs Guide, Lost Robots Guide, Pirate Stickers Adventure and Lost Animals Guide

These are series of children’s games published in Apple App Store and bit later also in Tizen store. They all share same mechanics but have different themes and also worked as my base for testing different monetization systems, ASO optimization and A/B tests regarding conversion rates which I wrote more in another post.

Animal Balloons & Animal Balloons Soundboard

Animal Balloons Animal Balloons Soundboard
Animal Balloons and Animal Balloons Soundboard

The first published children’s games, still available in Google Play store but not being updated. The gameplay avoids competition and allows young children to play without imposing limitations. The game is about collecting animals which are lost inside balloons and floating in the sky. After collecting the animals they can be returned back to the ground and the names are spoken aloud and characters can be learned. Animal Balloons Soundboard was a mini-version of the game for just playing around with the sounds and balloons.

In 2013 Animal Balloons reached the runners up prices on YoYo Games Win Big competition.


Promotional image of Memtris

Memtris is a memory game and tetris hybrid which was designed so that it would work well as a HTML5 game, not too resource intensive and scale nicely for smaller resolution screens. It would need further development to make it solid and fun experience as a native game on modern devices.