Waiting for the unified OS Experience

Hannu Kuusi bio photo By Hannu Kuusi

With Samsung S8 dock it’s starting to look we could finally be getting closer to see the smartphones and personal computers merge. While this has been coming for a while, it’s still very early and certainly not here yet.

Merging both worlds

I consider having a mobile operating system a nuisance. This is luckily just a temporary situation while the technology is getting far enough so that the operating systems traditionally reserved only for desktops can be merged with the mobile devices.

While Apple has been busy with it’s iPad Pro and Microsoft has launched it’s new Surface Books things have been lacking on the Android side. As Android doesn’t have really any presence on the desktop OS world (and developing for Android still depends on having ‘proper’ OS like OS X, Windows or Linux) it finally looks like some steps have been taken there as well. Samsung S8 has interesting dock which acts like a bridge between the desktop and mobile world, Engadget has taken a first look into it.

I don’t think the dock is going to see a huge adoption but it’s at least a step to the right direction. I’d need my device to run Windows or OS X (smoothly) to be able to work with just one device, and it’s not happening just yet. But we will surely get there, I’m kind of waiting for Apple to come up with something similar to what Microsoft is doing with the Surface Book which would replace the need for separate iOS device.