About Studio Hillo

About Studio Hillo

Studio Hillo is focused on mobile games and applications development. I develop for most mobile devices like Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle, Tizen etc. Currently working mostly with Ionic, Apache Cordova and Firebase for the applications and Unity & GameMaker for games.

Few key things:

  • Roughly 17 years of experience with mobile development, starting from around year 2000 with first Nokia Symbian S40 and S60 platforms using Java
  • Published apps and games on Apple App Store, Google Play, Tizen Store, Amazon App Store, Microsoft Store, (late) Nokia Software Market and several others
  • Working with Java, Javascript, Apache Cordova & Phonegap (Ionic, AngularJS), Lua, GMS, Python and few others, based on project
  • I don’t use technical jargon to explain things so you don’t need a Ph.D to talk about ideas and projects with me
  • Where possible, I appreciate simple approaches and using what’s already available. Simplicity just works.

Other interests

  • Technology, all the new stuff
  • Machine learning, deep neural networks and artificial intelligence
  • Human behaviour, why we do what we do and how decisions are made
  • Automation, we have fought our way through millennia trying to lessen human workload to get here, and now we try to keep our jobs..
  • Ageing & it’s prevention, our lifespan (mostly) depends on our level of technology and it’s availability